Vat reporting and book keeping

Out of all the companies that constitute the Juanafil™ Group, as well as those that are approved associates, likewise those businesses that are duly endorsed by the Juanafil™ Group; Juanafil Consultants Limited was the first company launched in 1992 by founders Charles, Therese, Mario (late) and Mary Rose Attard.  All other sister and associated companies followed track while specializing in related and emerging niche markets and, obviously, partaking in the success story of Juanafil Consultants Ltd.  Thanks to this company, the Juanafil ™ Group has celebrated an extremely busy Silver Anniversary in July of 2017.

The company specialized in Book-Keeping and is geared to collate, input and report Vat ledgers and related profit statements.  With over 25 years of experience in the field, the company offers its clients a hassle-free approach to the running of their business. This has become vital in a day and age where there is simply not enough time to oversee every inch of your business.

Besides Vat reporting, the company strives to offer its local as well as international clients a wide range of tax advisory services. All services are offered on a personal as well as corporate level. Juanafil Consultants Ltd. is aimed at providing tailor made tax advisory services, dependant on particular client needs and within the parameters of responsible tax planning.


Join our client base today and benefit from the following services:

  • Vat inputting
  • Vat returns, drafting, presentation and filing
  • Vat representation with Tax inspectors
  • Vat defence in any unfortunate case of Vat appeal
  • Profit reports
  • Tax Advisory by a FIAU registered Consultant.
  • Tax planning
  • Business planning


Request an appointment now by using one of the following contact details:

Tel: +356 21470955

Cel: +356 79470999


Mail: Hal mann Vella level 2 Mosta Road Lija LJA 9016 Malta