Company Formation

Juanafil Corporate Services Ltd

We do company formation and servicing.

Businesses have been a staple of society since time immemorial and consequently the establishment of companies has constantly increased. This may be attributed to the fact that many people view companies as the tool to buy and sell or to render a service. Thus Company Formation & Servicing is a vital initial step for the success of any booming prospective business.

Juanafil Corporate Services Ltd. has been established to do just that and more. The Company is licensed by the MFSA to offer a variety of corporate serves including company formation and servicing, however it can also provide the necessary assistance directors and/or shareholders may need so as to keep adequate company registers and minutes. Juanafil Corporate Services Ltd. may also provide its clients with the set up of a Registered Address, aid in MFSA documentation and provide for Share transfers and Bank introductions.

Regulatory due diligence is carried out by The Company on each of its clients and their companies to maintain the untarnished reputation it has gained through extensive years of hard work and success.

The company is a member of the Juanafil Group of Companies and has access to all services that may be required by a company from time to time, ranging from secretarial work to book keeping and tax advisory; so, if you require any service related to your company please do not hesitate to contact us.



Tel: 21470944


Mail: Halmann Vella Level 2, Mosta Road, Lija LJA 9016