Payroll Services

Juanafil Office Logistics Ltd

Presents:  Industrial relations & Payroll services


Juanafil Office Logistics Ltd is a member of the Juanafil ™ Group. The company offers its clients the administration of employee recording, regulatory reporting and computation of  salaries, wages, statutory bonuses, taxation and National Insurance. This service is better known as Payroll Services and may be a vital aid for the smooth running of any business.

Payroll may seem like a simple task but in actual fact it involves a multitude of aspects that Juanafil Office Logistics Ltd may provide for.  Ancillary services related to payroll include:

  • Recruitment Advice
  • Recruitment Adverts, Interviewing and shortlisting
  • Head hunting for more difficult positions
  • Work Visas for expatriates
  • Engagement Forms and Jobs Plus requisites
  • Negotiating the terms of employment
  • Contract of work
  • Payroll and FSS
  • Personal Taxation
  • Personnel relations
  • In-service training
  • Team building
  • Industrial relations
  • Self-employment

Please do contact us to:

  • Register a new employee
  • Ask about salary, bonus, National insurance or Tax
  • Draft a contract of work
  • Obtain a work permit
  • Recruit an employee
  • Handle a complaint at the Industrial Tribunal



Tel +356 21470966

Cel +35677493593


Mail: 18, Drive 41, Thomas Galea Street, Birkirkara BKR 4518, Malta